1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2

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1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 – The Pontiac tempest version of the GTO was considered by many as the original muscle car. And it put serious pressure on competition on car production in 1964.

The following year Pontiac used the same appeal for a larger car. By implanting a V8 421cid engine that produced 338hp of power on the new Catalina 2 + 2 body.

Catalina is a soft name for cars with beastly engines. Especially if you are willing to spend a few more dollars to upgrade to the 421 H.O. type. This engine can produce power of 376hp. Catalina 2+2 is known for its exclusive interiors such as bucket seats, hurst shifters, the use of a wide eight-lug hubs and special emblems.

Some facts to know about Pontiac Catalina 2 + 2

High performance pontiac cars were sent to Royal Pontiac in Royal Oak – Michigan first. Then to the hands of reliable automotive journalists.

A little familiar with Royal Oak, it is a special dealer. Aside from being a dealer. Royal is also a tuner workshop that serves special orders for official speed parts for Pontiac clients.

And apparently some of the best parts are from here. Because the Pontiac Catalina tested by Car and Driver recorded fantastic results. This car is not only capable of reaching 60mph in just 3.8 seconds. Taking a quarter mile in just 13.8 seconds. Even more special is that Catalina can be faster on the track than the Ferrari used by the magazine in a comparison test.

It doesn’t seem wrong if it says there will be no standard Catalina 2+2 manufacturer can repeat that achievement without some Royal speed parts.

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