1966 Shelby GT350

1966 shelby gt350 00037

1966 Shelby GT350 – The legends of the street king. Mustang Shelby GT350 produced in 1965 really has a very good car performance.

Even the buyers at the beginning of the production of this car felt that this car was a little bit hardcore. At the same time Shelby was faced with a dilemma in cutting production costs.

So in 1966 Shelby decided to replace some of their high performance parts with some more reasonable parts. Such as adjustable Koni shock, fiberglass hood, free flow side exhaust and full locking rear differential Detroit Locker.

A little fun fact about the 1966 Shelby GT350 Mustang is.. If we pay close attention to the specifications. There is a Paxton supercharger as one of the options for the 1966 production.

This option claimed to be able to provide more power to the v8 engine with 306hp output of 46 percent. Not too much, but more than enough to give a boost of energy.

But the option of adding a manufacturer’s supercharger provides a considerable additional cost. Almost a quarter of the price tag of the car. That was an additional price of about $ 700 . So that only 12 customers were willing to pay for additional options at that time.

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