1969 AMX/3 exotic mid engined car

1969 amx3 00028

1969 AMX/3 is an exotic car with a machine located in the middle. Reportedly this car can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. With a final speed of over 170 mph – a pretty fantastic number at the time.

It is said that the development is an international collaboration effort involving many parties. The collaboration between the AMC team was headed by Dick Teague as head of design, then there was Giotto Bizzarrini engineer from ItalDesign, and even BMW was involved in several parts.

This 3,300 pound sports car is powered by a 390cid AMC V8 engine that can produce 340hp of power and is continued with a 4-speed transmission.

However, this machine was never mass-produced by AMC considering the cost of production. To produce this machine, it costs almost $ 15,000. That means only a few thousand dollars lower than the price of a Lamborghini’s Miura. It’s too much.

Little facts about 1969 AMX/3: there are 6 prototypes produced, some rumors say 7 prototypes. Most are stored in private garages. And one of them has appeared in the auction gallery in 2017 valued at almost $ 900,000. It’s a rare collection that is very valuable.

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