1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona as its closest rival Plymouth Superbird in 1970. You could say both of them were the most radical design vehicles ever encountered during the muscle car war.

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But the Daytona Dodge Charger from its inception was never intended for street racing. As the name suggests, this car was built to answer the challenges on the longest and fastest racing track. To be a winner in the Nascar race on the superspeedways race track.

To get the maximum speed, the engineers took this car to the wind tunnel. There the engineers determine the appropriate aerodynamic design. And the result is that the rear wing is almost 2 feet high, the rear window is flat, and the nose cone is very sloping. A design that looked strange at that time but the results were very impressive.

The racing version of the Dodge Charger Daytona became the first car to reach 200 mph in the history of Nascar racing. Many of the victories Dodge won in 1969 were punctuated by Plymouth in 1970. And then the new Nascar rules banned these cars. All factory cars with big-block 440cid or 426cid Hemi engines later became the most sought-after collection items.

Little facts to know about the Daytona Dodge Charger

The aerodynamic kit from Daytona helps reduce air resistance and the drag coefficient becomes 0.28, a remarkable achievement even for today’s standards.

But whether to maximize downforce on the back must use wings that are so high? This is another story. According to legend, the reason for making such high wings is that the rear trunk lid can be fully opened up, hahahaha…

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